Patrick Scott [GDD] Industry Secrets) 01 December 2018

“Hey Pat, want to see something cool I’ve been working on?”

"Uh, yea!" ... I did.
Stefan was a young manager at the big boys finance club, not even in his 30s. More importantly, a very talented engineer.
His early successes proved him to be very valuable to the company so he moved up the ranks quickly.
He some how even managed to snag the nicest corner office surrounded by floor to ceiling windows.
On his nights and weekends, he and his wife had been working on an art app together. He was excited about a new feature he just nerded out on. Knowing I was also a nerd, he thought I'd appreciate it.
He showed me the website - he was using some graphics manipulation library to skew and rotate paintings so you could upload a picture of your living room, select a painting, and see what it would look like in your home. Remember, this was 2012, on the internet.
Then I noticed something else, something he wasn’t even trying to show me.
“Aren’t the home page and this two separate apps?” I’d seen earlier stages, and knew they were. “How’d you get them on the same domain like that?” 
“I can’t tell you that” he said, “that’s my secret!”
After a few moments, he caved, "ok fine - let me show you"
From yesterday’s email you know that secret was a “reverse proxy”. It WAS nginx, in fact.
I had to laugh yesterday when I got this email though because it reminded me of when I discovered reverse proxies!
Which brings me to my point.

These things kinda ARE industry secrets. Dig deep enough and you will eventually unearth them, but with SO MANY resources online, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!
I challenge anyone on this list to find information on scaling SSR Rendered React apps by watching Node.js’s event loop and emitting 502 redirect errors when it’s overloaded to a reverse proxy.
Cause that’s a thing, and I looked for it. If it’s on the internet, I couldn’t find it.
I only heard about it in a conversation with a Node core contributor.
This is why finding mentors or coaches, or taking workshops can be so powerful.
It’s not that you couldn’t figure it out on your own, it’s that it would take months to discover all of these pieces if you weren’t given a path.
Let me be your guiding light.
Looks like I ran out of time on this email, we’ll have to pick up where we left off next time!
Talk soon,
Patrick “Guiding Light” Scott
P.S. Learning requires a change in behavior. If you "learned" something but your behavior does not change, you did not truly learn.