Patrick Scott [GDD] The Power of Automation 30 November 2018

I have just one more story before we move on to Production Orchestration. DevOps really goes beyond just your services, it also is important for any libraries you maintain - internally or externally.
As much as it's about deploying easily, it's also about maintaining code quality. It's about automating away all of the operation tasks possible.

So yesterday, my buddy Matt Walters hits me up and asks if I could make him a maintainer of my `meta-template` project on GitHub.

He explained “I just made an update to a core plugin, and meta-template needs to be updated to use it.”
“Sure, but no need.” I said. “That got deployed around 4am last night when I noticed the Pull Request.”
“I didn’t make a Pull Request” he stated. “How’d you know there was a new version so quickly?”
“A robot told me.”
Well, a bot I guess if we’re being technical, but that felt less fun to say lol. 🤪
“For all open source projects I use semantic release to set up travis (free SaaS), use commitizen for formatting commit messages with a wizard, codecov for coverage (which free and auto integrates with travis), and to keep it up to date” I explained.
He immediately pinned it.
“So every time any dependency gets an update, like `meta-exec` just did, I’m notified because a Pull Request is created.

This is when Matt realized he was doing way too much work.
Yes you do, Matt. Yes you do.

And YOU do, too.
So I wrote the whole process up for Matt so `meta`, `meta-*`, `servicebus`, `servicebus-*`, `sourced` and whatever we come up with next can stop being such a time suck to maintain. Which will allow both of us to iterate on the next versions for you faster!
That means more PRs get merged, and more people get more new features, and security patches and etc!
Everyone wins!
It’s published on Hackernoon - check it out here:
If you've already read it, you get the day off :)
DevOps is about empowering others as well, because then we ALL win!
Talk soon,
Patrick “Open Source Automator” Scott
P.S. Speaking of releases - we just released "sourced 2.0.0" with a full ES6 rewrite! Using a proxy constructor was in interesting experience in backwards compatibility.
P.P.S If you're with me through my microservices course, Microservice Driven, coming up after DevOps Bliss (remember, DevOps are a prerequisite to microservices) sourced is going to become one of your favorites. If you're a front-end engineer - it's like redux for backend services! Unidirectional systems ftw!