My 2016 Yearly report. 31 December 2016

Hello. Even though I wrote the report of 2016 final in 2018, I wanted to start from that year because it was about my arrival in Estonia. Starting January 2016, I started the IELTS course. During this time, I also worked as a System Administrator. But my goal was getting education  in cyber security  and in a foreign country! I have decided this in the end of 2015. That's why IELTS was definitely needed. After a half and a month, I took the exam and collected 6.5 results. In April, before one week of deadline, I have collected all my documents and applied to Talltech University. At the same time registered ALES admission exam which would be held in Turkey in May. Because there was a same faculty at Istanbul Technical University. I wanted to apply to two universities. In May, I took the exam in the Ankara city and collected 67 points, which was a satisfactory result. And so, I sent my documents to Istanbul Technical University as well.
In July, I received the first email I received from Estonia. Acceptance email to the free education and scholarship in Estonia. It was the happiest moment in my life. After that, behalf waiting for the answer from another university I decided to study in Estonia. In August I left my work which my workmates were close people and still they are 😊. I bought Baku-Riga-Tallinn ticket for 29th of August. 2-3 days before my departure I received a response from Istanbul and I was accepted there. Free education, nearby country, nearby relatives. Though I did not change the decision of Estonia. At noon on August 29, I was in Tallinn. I fall from 35 to 15 degrees Celsius. Climate is different, people are different, from a 3 million city to 600 thousand , eating is different, culture is different 😊. In short, everything except me was different. By the end of the year, I finished the exam session. For me, the first 6 months were very difficult, despite my stay with me Azerbaijanis. I could not fully acclimatize Tallinn, but at the same time, I was often ill with psychological distress and I was unstable. End of December I did not tolerate ☹. I got a return ticket to Baku. Even though I wanted to get away for 20 days. 2016 was successful, but it also had problems. And I met New Year with my family. Everything is beautiful 😉.